Tp-link routers are the easy resources to get steadiness of mesh network within your wifi range. Tp-link manufactures wired as well as the wire-free routers to deliver the best possible speed to the user. These routers are delivered in most of the Asian locations covering most of the zones of South West Asia. Tp-link covers the vast variety of their products from a reasonable price to the expensive one.  Tp-link has everything to pick from this wide variety of routers covering every need of the customers whether it’s about getting interrupted while managing the hectic account details or avoiding the lag of gaming while competing online.Tp-link router is better with its speed, range, and security. Experts of tp link routers have done everything to cover each and every utility of today’s user. They have embedded them with every gear to not to disappoint them in any manner. These routers are designed in an innovative manner to easily blend them in every place. Their flat surface provides the convenience to the user to easily mount it on any shelf of the users. These routers are lightweight integrated with different LED’s signifying the various signals of the routers.

Gigabit ports behind these routers are accessible which facilitates the user to easily transfer the data with far much better speed than the normal Ethernet port. These routers are also having the smart network storage which is also capable of storing the information online while performing any work.

These next-generation routers are embedded with every resource to fulfill the demand of the customer of this generation. As the era of our generation is modernizing, need of our people are enhancing which should be maintained in a proper manner. These routers are well equipped with proper gears to meet the demands of this youth. Experts of tp link are really working hard to walk along the requirements of this generation in a sophisticated manner.

Tp-link routers are also a well-known because of their simplicity. These routers are well customized in the manner to provide the sophistication to the user to easily access their devices. Experts have kept the complicacies in their mind that the customers have to suffer when they configure the setup with CD. To not to face any hassle of the CD, experts have managed to create to directly access these devices. Any user who is having the username and the password of their devices can access their device without any hassle. You just have to type on the link of the browser to get to the web interface of these routers. You can also type on the URL of the browser to get to the page. The user usually use this mentioned link cause this is easy to remember as well as to identify.

Firmware Update

Firmware Update
The web interface is the key to get access to all the features of the settings of the router. Firmware is also one of the features to which we can update from this web management page of the router. Firmware is the software embedded within the router which gives the instruction in order to perform the router to act according to the activity done by the user. This software basically is an interface which is highly responsible for the networking protocols, security adjustments and the administrative features of the routers. This software is utilized in a manner to allow the router to be customized and configured according to the environment of the network.

How to upgrade the firmware in the TP-link router?

Firmware upgrade in TP-link router is the best method to maintain the speed of your router. Up-to-date router brings the steadiness and stability in the connectivity of your network.

So, here are the steps to perform the upgradation of TP-link router

  1. Launch a browser in order to get to the web interface of the router with the help of 168.0.254 or you can also type
  2. The window is going to ask you for the username and the password. The default username probably will be admin and the password will also be an admin.
  3. The page which will appear will be containing the hardware version of the router.
  4. Note it down somewhere along with them which will help you in downloading the correct firmware version of your router.
  5. Now select on the System Tools and click on the Firmware Upgrade.
  6. Now, it’s going to ask you to choose the file which you have downloaded for your firmware upgrade of the router.
  7. Go to the download center and select the model and version number of your Tp-link router. Click on your version of the router.
  8. A window will open acknowledging you about the description of your router and asking you for the version of your Tp-link router.
  9. Choose your version and click on the file which is mentioned in the format section of your router.
  10. Click Start Download and wait till the file downloads.
  11. Once the completion is done, extract the files to the desktop.
  12. Now go to the admin page of your router where you have to choose the file which you have just downloaded.
  13. Click on Upgrade and wait until the process ends.
  14. Once the process will be completed, it will automatically reboot your router and restart your router.

That’s it you have successfully upgraded the firmware of your router. After pursuing these steps you will be able to upgrade your firmware, Even then if you are having any problem in doing it you can call the service team of the Tp-link. Service Experts of the Tp-link are available 24 hours to provide their assistance to every user. Tp-link consists of brilliant service experts which will solve each and every hassle of the user in a proper manner.

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